“Languages ​​among Teenagers Interested in Nature and Society”, Reference Number: 2019-01-RO01-KA229-063495_1, which will be run by the National College of Informatics “Matei Basarab”, Râmnicu Vâlcea, between 01.09.2018 – 31.08.2020, funded by the European Union via the Erasmus + Program, Key Action 2 – run by the National College of Informatics “Matei Basarab”, as COORDINATOR, along with 4 other schools from Spain, Portugal, Italy and France.

   The project involves 3 essential dimensions - cultural, educational and professional:

• It is addressed to a target group of students aged 12-18 and to teachers in the curricular area of Language and Communication (ROMANCE LANGUAGES: FRENCH, ITALIAN, SPANISH and PORTUGUESE) and Informatics – IT.

• The aim of this project is: to promote the learning process for as many foreign languages ​​as possible, by developing not only linguistic skills, but also digital ones, in order to equally develop respect and appreciation for the mother tongue, all of this being achieved by creating a digital language learning platform for the Romance languages that face a great demand from students in the educational institution. Our school will develop a learning platform for these 4 Romance languages, where students, teachers and parents can log in so as to have access to high-quality information provided by native teachers, to original educational resources offered by native speakers, but also to face-to-face meetings dedicated to the improvement of the self-learning path, in order to reach the A1 level at the end of the first year and the A2 level at the end of the project.

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